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About Us

At Legit Photo Booth we’re here to make memories more memorable by giving you something to look back on later. All while also adding something entertaining and engaging at your events. We’ll provide you with props, and the things necessary to take fun and memorable pictures and videos.

Don’t worry if you’re a little camera shy because it’s completely understandable, we’re here to help with that too! We’ll help you get the confidence to not miss out on it during the pictures and videos, or give you some ideas on what to do so you won’t miss out on our photos booth. 

Meet the team


First package

We have a 360° photo booth that rotates around you and is able to do slow-mo videos and boomerangs. Along with taking pictures in the style of regular Photo Booth pictures, we’re also able to take those pictures and create a gif out of them.

All of this is digital, so whatever videos, photos, and/or gifs you, the customer, takes it will be sent to your phone right away, or once the event is over. Ready for you to post and share all over social media.

$350 per hour, minimum of 2 hours
After 2nd hour, 3rd and up hour is $150

Second package

We also offer a stand-alone Photo Booth that takes pictures along with being able to do gifs.

All the props are still offered and everything can be transferred to your phone right after or once the event is over ready for you to post and share as you wish!

*Disclosure this is all digital as mentioned, so no physical photos will be offered*

$175 per hour minimum of 2 hours
After 2nd hour, 3rd and up are $75

What We Do


We build a fresh image for your business, we help you to share the message you want with your clients.

Team Photography


It doesn't matter if it is a personal reunion or a big party you have in mind, just contact us and tell us about your new idea and the style you want us to give to your event.

Birthday Parties - Concerts - Graduations - Family Reunions - Sporting Events

Meet Our Work & Our Team